Quarterly Progress Report

Scroll below to fill out your Quarterly Progress Report Online. However, if you would rather print the report and send it to us via mail, please Click Here for a printable pdf document.

Either way, please remember that a quarterly report needs to be submitted for each student enrolled with Morris Academy.

The quarterly report dates due are shown below:

  • January 16th
  • April 2nd
  • June 11th
  • November 12th
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      You will receive a reminder notice one week prior to upcoming due dates to the email address you used when you enrolled your students. If you need to update your email address with us, please contact us.

      Grading Scales

      Please choose one scale to use if possible.

      A = Excellent or 90-100% = Excellent or E = Excellent

      B = Above Average/Very Good or 80-89% = Above Average/Very Good

      C = Average/Good or 70-79% = Average/Good or S = Satisfactory

      D = Needs Improvement/Poor or 60-69% = Needs Improvement/Poor or U = Unsatisfactory

      F = Fail or 59% and below = Fail

      Please place the student's overall grade for the quarter below for each subject/course.

      If you wish to mark for Citizenship, please place below using the E, S, U.